Revolutions started by Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn …wait… LINKEDIN!!??

It is amazing what social media is doing – what all digital, people-powered, level-paying-field media is doing. We know about the Twitter revolutions – Iran, Cairo, Libya. Even the Tea Party got much of its early start on Twitter. We have also heard the stories how middle-class people rise up through FaceBook posts.

But this one takes the cake – from the Voice of America, that over-the curtain (iron, bamboo, whatever) service so familiar with listeners in repressed countries –  comes news that China has blocked the business social networking site, LinkedIn.


“…one user set up a forum discussing the idea of a Jasmine Revolution in China.”

I use Linked-In a good deal – it is a great place to get the feel for the heartbeat of entrepreneurial America. And I am starting to get into the forums. There are great ways to connect and get ideas going there. I see a lot of it.

“Get ideas going…” Maybe the Chinese are afraid of that. It CAN lead to revolutions. Even here in the US.

Maybe create new jobs while we are at it.

American Express did us a big favor

As I was browsing around looking for more information to pull together all the web2.0 stuff as well as integrate social media and entrepreneurship, I stumbled across this site – a group of videos showing conversations with the founders of Facebook and Wikipedia during the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

Look at these titles and descriptions of some of the video shorts:

Web 2.0 explained: radical transparency.

Web 2.0 explained: crowdsourcing.

Protecting your brand online (Interview with Jim Wales).

The secret of Facebook’s success (Interview with co-founder Sean Parker).

Living your business out loud (Seth Godin and Jimmy Wales).

The do’s and don’ts of online communities (Sean Parker).

Bloggers, direct marketing, and social networking (Seth Godin, Sean Parker and Jimmy Wales).

What is crowdsourcing really about? (Jimmy Wales).

Negative press as a way of the online world. Seth Godin says: “embrace it.”

The common sense of Google’s AdSense (mostly Jimmy Wales).

This is less than half of the videos. They are short and good.

For today’s entrepreneur these are excellent intros to the power of the tools we have with Web 2.0 and social networking.

Again the link to the index page for the videos.

Kudos to Amex.