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My background is pretty diverse. I have been involved in communications of one sort or another most of my life. Early on I was involved with quite a bit of preaching and ministry work in both the US and in Europe. I worked in Germany and Austria for almost ten years. My beginning years in Europe were also spent working as part of a very small school which eventually became International University of Vienna.

During that time, I did a lot of traveling in (then communist) eastern Europe, making many trips to work with churches there and visit people who expressed interest in Christian radio programs or literature campaigns. I also made 6 trips to the Soviet Union, most lasting about a month at a time. I gained a strong fluency in German and a minimal conversational capability in Russian (which has pretty much been lost over time).

Back in the states, I pursued an advanced degree in German literary criticism at the University of Tennessee, with the idea of eventually returning to Europe, but I never did. While still in school and also working in a ministry I became involved with business in 1988.

My real business experience had begun at a much earlier age – I was always making or selling something – but took a very serious turn when I purchased a bookstore in Knoxville and then moved it to a new shopping center. I had the dream of someday owning a publishing company (I had a plan to get from selling books to writing and publishing them) but first I had to solve the retail parts of the puzzle and learn how to make a small business profitable.

My full-scale plunge into small business introduced me to a whole new world of the American entrepreneur. It was in incredibly wonderful world where I met some of the finest, most optimistic and most caring people I have known. They were also the hardest-working people I had ever met – most of them working 60-80 hours a week to fulfill their life dreams. And their (and my) lives were full of drama. The recession of 89-92 was on and small businesses were going belly-up daily. We all had to work together to succeed and it was very hard.

I’ll let this rest for few days and finish this short autobiography soon. — check back.

Alan Eason

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  2. If this is the Alan Eason that I knew as a brother and minister of the Church of Christ in Bitburg Germany (1978-1981) please let me know. Brother Larry, if you see this make another post and I’ll then post contact information.

  3. I’m sure I must be related to you….I live in Florida, but all my family (the Easons) are originally from Scotts Hill, TN, and are members of the Church of Christ. I’d be interested to know if we’re cousins! I ran across your name on the Breakpoint website and googled your name to find your blog….if you get a chance, email me so we can investigate. 🙂

    God bless,

    Jenny Eason

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