Search and Social Networking – more marketplace power for those who understand how to use them.

Search. (Drum roll).

Social Networking. (Louder drum roll)

Everyone knows by now that Search – especially Google AdWords – is taking over billions of advertising dollars and delivering fairly recession-proof results to millions of small businesses.

Steve Rubel on makes the startling point that not only is Search rocketing in dollars spent but Social networking will soon be doing that as well (we have been asking how?).

Here’s how – because Social Networking will soon be combining the power of search with the astounding popularity of connecting with other people on the social networks. Once that happens – once the database of intentions is mixed in the ‘search’ activity with the desire of the masses to connect – advertisers will have the scent and can deliver their ads on target!

Look out, traditional media, one more time!

I well remember the days when people were pooh-pooing search engines. “Yea, they do some neat stuff but they will never make any money…” How many times we heard it.

You don’t hear it any more. Instead, what you hear now is “Social networking is popular but it will never make any money…”

Only the critics don’t say it as loudly as they did… maybe they learned something.

Read Steve on this one – worth reading.  How Search Will Revolutionize Social Networking.

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