Google and Monopoly?

Interesting headlines lately about the words Google and monopoly – from the media – of all people!

I was somewhat associated with the newspaper business for a while and realized from the inside that many of the problems newspapers face come from the fact that they haven’t adjusted well to losing their ‘monopoly’ in the local marketplace.

This is especially true with small business advertising and classified ads.  They had the monopoly because they were the only ones who could deliver consistently in that marketplace for a long time. They had it for decades!

Now it is gone. Local businesses have so many other ways to play in the marketplace – and win!

Suddenly everyone is so concerned that Google is going to get a monopoly like that. Why? because Google can deliver.

For those same small businesses.

But so can many others on the Internet. Everyone owns a press now. As strong a player as Google is, it is still a MUCH more level playing field out there than it was for years – or has ever been.

Read this from the Buzzmachine, a blog by Jeff Jarvis.:

Except the issue isn’t that Google is a monopoly. It’s that Google has become the marketplace. It where we all go for information. It’s where advertisers go for us.

It’s no different from a newspaper. Even when there were two papers in towns, one of them was the marketplace for homes, cars and jobs. That allowed the paper to set rates as high as the market could bear, which was very high…  read more

Lately I’ve been reading Jeff.  He is a true media expert, having worked with and even started some of the most significant media channels in recent times (such as Entertainment Weekly).  He is a very interesting writer and he knows what he is talking about.

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