Search Marketing

Search marketing – that amazing ability that the Internet brings to us to allow the smallest entrepreneur, advocate or person selling anything, to be found, continues its powerful advance in our society. 

I am very glad.

I wrote already about John Battelle’s book “The Search” and his use of the phrase “database of intentions” to describe what Google and other search engines both offer and garner.” That phrase keeps working on me as I think about what is happening in the marketplace today.

We are able to now match ‘intentions’ with amazing acuracy, across the country, across the world, and across town.

Think about it: I ‘intend’ to sell my car. I know its strengths and weaknesses. I also know its value. Someone else ‘intends’ to buy a car, with a value in mind similar to that of my car. They also ‘intend’ to get a car with similar strengths as mine offers. If I am honest and transparent in my post, I also communicate its weaknesses and the person on the other end decides if they are sufficient to thwart the other matchup of ‘intentions.’  A deal is made and sealed. It may well have cost me little or nothing. The buyer had access to an amazing array of information, both from me and thousands of others.

There was a lot of help in matching up the ‘intentions,’ thanks to the incredible power of the “Databases of intentions,” the search companies.

Compare that to traditional small marketing. I want to sell my car. About my only choice to do so myself previously was to buy a limited space small classified ad in a newspaper or shopper. I cannot describe much due to the cost of the space. The available people to buy, those with possibly-matching ‘intentions’, are far fewer. They have to scan hundreds of used car ads to find out if there is a possible match. It was a much different, and poorer, marketplace.

Multiply this effect by tens of thousands of industries, hundreds of millions of people and many  billions of dollars. You get an idea of what the power of “SEARCH” and the matching of intentions has and will have in our business world.

And as the databases get better – the people learn to use them more efficiently, both buyers and sellers – our economy is becoming a much more efficient fullfiller of intentions.

It is happening at lighting speed.


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