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Nothing like saying you are going to write again and then staying mum for two weeks.

I guess that is the world of blogging. The amazing thing is that people keep coming back to read – according to my stats and my user- location finder (yes I can sort of see where you are! scary, eh?)      🙂

[ It is a fun guessing game to guess who might be reading, and hard to resist. Sort of like putting the ear to the train tracks to listen for ringing in the rails, though. Can’t stay there too long and one might not really want to know what is coming!]

So easy to divert. But back to my theme – business and life.

I think about it every day. Starting a new job – at Nutramax Laboratories as Internet Marketing Manager – helps keep the thoughts fresh as well. (It is also much of the reason I have not had time to write – a lot of new stuff to learn).  But it is amazing, no matter how large or small a business is – it still boils down to one thing: It is about people. And life.

Well – let me amend that. It is also about animals – as I am learning at Nutramax. Many of our products are for pets, horses and other wonderful living beings. Let’s just say “Life.”  Business really is about life. 

As we continue to explore the new marketing possibilities of the Internet, mobile, digital communications and whatever else is out there on the horizon, I can’t get away from the fact that the most fascinating part of it all is the way people (and pets) are connecting with each other – across continents. It is absolutely fascinating. I guess that is what always drew me to the Internet, from the beginning, because I am a people person. I had pen-pals in Europe when I was in 5th grade (yes back when people actually wrote with a pen and sent letters).

But now it is not just about meeting people and talking to people all over the globe; it is actually possible to make money doing it! Businesses are discovering that as never before. In fact, it seems that just during the  year, a great number of business people I have talked to have come to the realization that this is not a sideline thing any more, but will soon be the predominant way most companies do business. 

And to some the realization is also dawning that there are new rules and new paradigms involved in what that business looks like. As I have pointed out in precious posts – that more closely resembles a middle-eastern bazaar than it does a crisp bank lobby. People all over the place, laughing, shouting, crying, yelling and many just watching. That about sums up the Internet marketplace. It also sums up “Life.”

Can that be so bad? To do business in a totally, technologically-new way that is really much like an old-fashioned way that goes back to the dawn of history?


But I love it.

Of course, I have a penchant for drama.



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  1. Congrats on your new job.

    And you need to put on a RSS so my GoogleReader will tell me when you are posting something new;-)

  2. How is your new job?! Looking forward to hearing. Congratulations! Hope all is going beautifully. From SiteMeter: McLean 🙂

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