To write again

It is time to start writing again. 

The posts have been scattered and a little shot-gunny,  aiming all over the place – but I’d like to focus now back on where I started this series – dealing with Business and Life.  I’d especially like to get back to the theme of the entrepreneur – the smaller business, and the changes going on in our culture about how people interact and conduct business.

There are a lot of unfinished posts to finish up like the page about my background , the “take on what is going on‘ and others.  There is also a lot more to explore concerning the place of search, collaboration and networking online with regard to the entrepreneurial and open business spirit we promote.

But above all I would like to write again, and often, about the sense of freedom that comes when people follow their dreams, produce good stuff and offer it to a needy world, however cynical and jaded that world may be. To me that is what life is all about.

I am reminded of what a poor farmer with a large family once said, in the heartland of America. When asked a question by a self-important and slightly disrespectful questioner “Well, what do you GROW on that farm?” he spoke the stunning answer – “We grow people, son.” 

This makes a lot of sense to a kid like me who grew up reading stories of Abe LIncoln learning to read, write and think by the shallow light of a candle. I could always imagine him poring over  The Bible, Shakespeare and Blackstone’s Law again and again in a prairie lean-to and later in a small barely-surviving country store.

As one who travels several times a week through a city filled with marble monuments and symbols of hope and vision, many of them decorated with the inspiring words penned by that same country boy who later became president, I can think of nothing better to do in life than to “grow people.”

And it is not an easy thing to do.

But behind all the talk here about communications, entrepreneurship, new media and new opportunities – that is the heart of this blog.

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