The World 2.0

Looking across the world of blogging and web 2.0 it is hard to see a consistency. The fact that different countries approach blogging and social networking so differently is amazing. It says a lot about how cultures work and what level of ‘need-to-connect-online’ is perceived.

My first name starts with ‘A’ so my task was to look at countries with a blogosphere starting with that letter. I went to and looked – Austria, Argentina, Armenia, Australia appeared, among others.

Austria was the first thought, and interesting because I lived in Vienna almost three years.

Whoops! Not many blogs. It seems the land of Gemuetlichkeit and Strudel is still pretty peaceful and going about the things Austrians have gone about quietly for years, without a lot of blogging!

Next I looked at Armenia. It was the exact opposite, with blogs all over the place. There it is – political opposition in the streets, election turmoil, riots, samizdat publishing all over the place. Hemingway died too early. He would have been there.

Finally I settle on Australia – good old OZ! It was not just because I did not have the time for Armenian intensity.  I am genuinely interested in what the Ozzies are doing online these days. In my early social networking days, pre-Internet, with CompuServe groups and chatter, some Ozzies were my best pals. They were genuine early-adopters. I guess it is that pioneering and highly entrepreneurial spirit that still lives down there. LONG LIVE!

But I had been out of touch with the distant continent for a number of years and now is time to catch up a little. What kind of things are going on in the OZ-Blog-o-sphere?

Here are a few I found through kiwiblog: (yes I know NZ and Kiwis are not Ozzies!) – but you actually learn a lot about the whole area from both sides.

Australia blogs:

  • Andrew Bolt Andrew Norton Cairns Tim Blair  – great blogs on politics and culture. I love the ‘Jolly Swagman’ approach to politics the Ozzies take. You just can’t take things too seriously!

    Oh how we could use that inside the stuffy DC beltway!!

    (Gosh – did I say that? – that was an AHA moment!)

    Anyway back to OZ and the yellow brick road.

    There is a lot there about the usual stuff you see on blogs from the western world. A good bit more on the politics of Oceana. Much about culture – especially youth-oriented. (Australia is still a VERY young country, even younger than the USA and much younger than Denmark, as Anne knows  😉 (not that Danish are not youngish-thinking – they seem to be!).

    Oops – out of time.

    Lots of good stuff there. I encourage you to read some Ozzie blogging. It may brighten up your daayyyyy, Mate!!

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