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This post is a direct response to Rosiethethird’s post: Should I keep blogging after Garrett stops counting? The answer is an unequivocal yes! Why do I say that? First of all Rosie’s posts have been very genuine. She and Becky (Beckblogic) have both pushed the edge of transparency and ‘real-ness’ in this medium. Not to say others haven’t. But these two have been a particular encouragement to me, because they show the validity of what we have been reading as a group – that openness, transparency and honest communication are extremely inviting to readers – especially in this new communications era.

People want to see real people. Games aside. Sure it is scary, and difficult, but it is the best hope of this entire cultural revolution we are in, in  my opinion. And make no mistake about it – it is a revolution.

Every blogger thinks – as does every person who starts writing anything – “what if no one reads what I write?” Well that is always a writer’s dilemma. It’s sort of a catch22 because if one does not write anything, no one will read it for sure.

I had a professor who solved it for me a long time ago. He was Stan Lusby, a brilliant professor of Religious Studies at the University of Tennessee.  He had us writing and writing, all the time.  “We write to learn” he would always say. We write to learn. 

I came to appreciate those words so much over life’s course. I still go back and read some of those papers I wrote for his classes and am thrilled – not that I was brilliant – I wasn’t – but at the concepts and the emotions and the swirlings of life that came out in those papers. It keeps youth in my mind – the youth I had then and carry in what I wrote.

I don’t think anyone has read them except for him and me. He encouraged me to go further with many of my ideas but I was not interested in that, because at that age I felt the people I wanted to read them would not read them.

Now, years later, it doesn’t matter. I write for the sheer thrill of it. And I write to learn. When someone else by chance reads it, great. If not, I feel just as good. Blogging opens up an avenue where, when we write to be who we are, there is an easier way to share who we are. And if someone else see us as we are and is better for it, or appreciates it, or even responds to it, so much the better.  

If not, it still is life itself spilling out in words and becoming even more lively – to us- as we write it and then as we read it again some time later.

Rosie – keep writing.

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