In praise of Beckblogic

Becky – thank you! Your transparency online has reminded us all of the genuine value what we have been reading and talking about. I for one believe it really makes the world a better place. Google may keep what we say forever, but we will not be here that long – and while we are here – let’s be real!

For those who do not know, Beckblogic has been a chronicle of a journey towards building an online identity that reveals not only a transparency but a genuineness that is refreshing.

Sometimes it seems like a small step – to open up oneself, or a company or organization, to genuine two-way conversation. But once you start doing it you see the truth – it is a HUGE step. Especially with companies. I think it scares the ______ out of most of them. 

But how refreshing! – to find businesses – and people – that you can look in the face (virtually) and speak to in an honest human conversation. If this trend continues, there is a real chance the world will be a better place on many fronts in 10 more years.

Becky – don’t stop your blog, please. I promise I’ll keep reading it.

3 thoughts on “In praise of Beckblogic

  1. Alan,

    You know I’m sentimental, so you can imagine how I feel right about now. I am truly overwhelmed and deeply grateful. In fact, it has taken me all day to come up with just what to say–and I came up with exactly…”um, ahh… “ I remain at a loss. In short, I want to say thank you. Thank you for your post, thank you for your encouragement and thank you for your example. I have so enjoyed your blog. It’s funny, smart, worldly and touching. I hugely look forward to following your Business of Life.

    Mit größtem Respekt (hope I got that right).

  2. Dankeschoen und du hast es richtig gesprochen! Thank you for being a fan – it makes that ‘writing to learn’, as I wrote about to Rosie, a lot more rewarding. Keep writing Beck!

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