Brevity is the soul of what?

Just to show some of my friends (and enemies) I can write a short post – here it is.

They say that “brevity is the soul of wit…” – but then I always thought of Witt as a short fellow.  (My beautiful 5′ tall wife reminds me that there is nothing wrong with being short – to which I heartily concur).

However in writing, styles do change over the eras, ages and epochs. I guess I am stuck somewhere between the Baroque and Classical. (Broke more often than not).

Anyway, a long way from Hemingway.

Speaking of him, what he lost in stripping adjectives and adverbs he made up in pounding out  subplots that effervesced into  ‘something or another. ‘

 Since he started as an international journalist shortening his copy to save Centimes on telegraph posts, I wonder what kind of literature we would have today had he had broadband Internet from a cybercafe in the Cafe de Paris?

Yep, they are going to have a task making a journalist out of me; I see it already. I tend to write in the inverted dodecahedron style. (Now that last link was to Wikipedia – can you really trust that drawing?)

All seriousness aside, if you would like to shorten the copy on some of my multi-paragraphic posts, please free to do what the copy editors at newspapers do – just clip it off and go to another post! 🙂

Now that still came to 226 words. Oops now it is 236. Oops…. 

Hey! – Cheer #2 – “There are no rules!”

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