It’s not who you know…

It is great to see old sayings turned on their heads.

 Remember the one – “It’s not what you  know, but who you …”

That one always grated on me. Not so much that networking is not important – it is. Life is still about people. Always will be.

But the implicit idea that, no matter how good you are, or how talented, some less talented hack will pass you up because of schmoozing.  And beyond that , the ‘assumption’ that if you are not aware of that ‘fact’ you are… well… stupid.

Sorry, I disagree.

It is what you know. Plus one vital element – courage.

Today it is easier than ever to bypass the gatekeepers, the elitists, the political controllers, and the king-makers. You can wade through the whole culture of control and come out on the other side. Thanks to the new power in our society to be found based upon what you know and publish what you say, you do not have to look for someone to give you a stage pass any more.

But it still takes courage.

Whether in business, politics, communications, or life, that will always be the case.

And that is a good thing.

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