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I promised daily blogging and I will deliver. As I said – even if it is “stream of consciousness.” Then today I remembered something from previous school days in Literature studies – in order to write stream-of-consciousness, you have to be conscious.

Well I guess I am that – but barely sometimes, with the workload at my Real Job.

But hey – that is what lunch breaks are for.

Believe it or not I can’t wait to get into heftier posts pulling together all the stuff I have been reading even more. I can’t escape the conclusion that life is going to change for most people even faster in the next 3 years than it has in the past 10. It will be especially true in these areas we have been talking about – the new marketplace – the long tail economy – the emerging trends towards openness, collaboration, and user-designed products.

I am in the traditional media business, but I feel the huge pull of the new way of finding, producing, discovering, sharing, editing, filtering, monetizing, certifying, publicizing and privatizing information. It is too much to wrap around and it seems to be speeding up, not slowing down.

As an entrepreneur and a fan of entrepreneurs – it is an exhilarating time to be alive.

I promise more is coming soon, including Part II of “My Take on What is Going On.”

Stay tuned.

2 thoughts on “What is going on – Internet – Business – Life – Culture – Everything

  1. Alan,

    Think Energizer Bunny!!! Yes, it’s quite a lot these days, but, if it makes any difference, I’m learning a lot from your insights.

    Here’s a quick thought from me about the Internet, regulation of it and what folks have to gain – or lose – as information about us becomes a more readily available commodity: I think people that take a protectionist approach to their information, opting out of everything, will miss opportunities.

    As my dad told me in High School, if people keep getting invitations, but never come to the party, eventually, the invites stop coming.

    I don’t mean for this to sound overly simplistic because the implications are very real. You know my big focus is consumer credit. If people opt-out of cross marketing, lock out access to their credit files, “protect” their phone numbers through the FTC, etc. they’ll be sorry when they apply for a loan.

    I have a few friends that have become part-time privacy commandos and I have tried to encourage them to strike a balance. In fact, one friend recently went “strictly cash.” Not smart.


  2. Thanks for the encouragement, Lil. It is hard to figure out a lot of the time – do we run and hide or do we just accept the more “public” profile and learn to live with it? It would not be so bad if everyone were more public, because society would adjust, sort of like in that “open-faced-society” model I was talking about. But when culture allows masses of people to be ‘anonymous’ then the few who live more publically are much higher profile. It takes courage. I have lived a semi-public life at various times in life and I found it did some good things for me. For one, it made me feel a lot more accountable for everything I did. I think people should feel that anyway. You never know when someone is watching you and modelling their actions after you. – Yea it prepared me to be the daddy in that sense…

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