Moving up to daily blogging – more on crowdsourcing

Now that the heavy reading schedule has slowed down a bit I plan to blog more – goal is daily. All the ideas swirling around are starting to crystallize more and I believe it will take a daily dose of writing to get them put into place. Maybe this will help you make more sense of these ideas as well. Shorter posts – a little more stream-of-consciousness.

First thoughts today on crowd-sourcing. We are acting like crowd-sourcing is something new. I was caught up in that too.

Wait a minute!

Isn’t the idea of democracy itself one of crowd-sourcing? All the arguments made against crowd-sourcing – giving voice to ‘the idiots’ – the mass hysteria effect – ‘amateurism’ in politics – have been made for a long time.

Read a lot of the British writing scoffing at the newly-formed American state after the American revolution. They are full of revulsion at the idea that plain, ordinary people can govern themselves. they are totally convinced that, without an elite, educated aristocracy (such as Britain had at the time) no nation could be civilized for long.

Just a thought.

Another morsel for the thinking palate. Is not the idea of a public corporation one of crowd-sourcing? The concept that hundreds, thousands, or even millions of people could own a business together and share in the ideas and the profits? That is nothing new.

Yet public companies have become some of the most un-transparent (even to stockholders) and un-collaborative of all organizations. When is the last time you felt that you had any say at all in the direction of a company you held stock in?

Interesting. Turn these things over in your mind. We’ll post more. (Comments are very welcome). Is this all a new phenomenon, or is it a re-visitation of an old one?

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  1. Thanks Rosie. I am sort of a ‘pro-am’ phpotographer. I do a lot of photography for our Web site for the paper and have done some for contract work, but mostly just love photography. Sort of like my Day of the Amateur post.

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